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The Bay offers personalised treatment for anxiety and depression, alcohol and drug addiction and mental health concerns. Alcoholism and drug abuse are chronic conditions and require a sustained intervention treatment model. The Bay’s model of treatment is typically 4 weeks with a 12-month aftercare support to be accessed at your discretion. Based on up-to-date research The Bay has developed the best possible treatment model that approaches your health from a more personalised healthcare model of care. Personalised healthcare is emerging globally as it acknowledges a individuals unique set of circumstances rather than one treatment model for all, which fails to produce the outcomes that people want and expect when entering a treatment program.

Using the Personalised Healthcare model, The Bays clinical team have developed personalised programs to address health issues ranging from alcohol dependence through to depression and mood disorders stemming for dysfunctional family dynamics, burnout and trauma. Please contact our Executive Director on 0437-966-457 to learn more about The Bay’s Personalised Healthcare options.

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