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Eating disorder treatment at The Bay

The Bay offers a comprehensive personalised program for the treatment of eating disorders and disordered eating. The Bay’s clinical team understands the challenges and sensitivities when treating eating disorders. It is critical that those who attend The Bay with an eating disorder receive support around their meals with someone who has a lived experience and can offer high levels of compassion.

Disordered eating encompasses an array of negative behaviours, obsessive thoughts, and overwhelming feelings focused in and around one’s relationship to weight, food, body shape and appearance. At the heart of these psychological issues is often complex and deep-seated trauma, self-loathing, shame, and exhausting emotions resulting in an overall lack of quality of life.

How do I know if I have an Eating Disorder?

  • You are extremely critical of yourself and your body image.
  • You obsessively focus your thoughts and actions around dieting.
  • You frequently check the mirror for possible flaws in your appearance.
  • You avoid meals with family or friends.
  • You abuse laxatives to achieve weight loss.
  • You exercise compulsively.
  • You force yourself to vomit after food.

A comprehensive program

If you would like information about The Bay’s eating disorder program or would like to know the ratio to eating specific guests and other presentations, please contact our clinical director today and be sure you are entering a program that is offering the level of care you expect and require for lasting change.

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