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Anxiety is the body natural response to a stressful or threatening experience and is the primary emotion that has contributed to survival of the human species. Anxiety allows the body to respond to a threat or fear with what is known as the fight or flight or freeze response. However, prolonged exposure to a stressful situation or threat can cause the body to develop a persistent anxiety response resulting a generalised anxiety disorder. This occurs when the persistent anxiety becomes generalised to other, non-threatening experiences that would normally cause little to no anxiety. When this occurs, it can be extremely difficult to manage anxiety without the support of medical treatment and in sever cases can result in agoraphobia or the fear of leaving the house.

It is very common for people to feel that in order to manage their anxiety they need to control it or destroy it. The reality is anxiety is present due to an underlying disconnection between their mind and body. This could be due to exhaustion or burnout, supressed emotions such as trauma, or simply operating at an unrealistic pace for periods of time, due to unreasonable professional deadlines. Many people who attend our program have avoided or buried a difficult or traumatic life experience and think that if they continue with work and family life the difficult experience has gone. Unfortunately, this is where anxiety emerges, and slowly becomes a primary feature of their daily experience. The Bay therapeutic team will assist you to look at these difficult events and resolve the pain associated with it.

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How do I know if I have Anxiety?

  • You second guess and overthink your thoughts and actions
  • You often feel apprehensive, nervous, and uneasy
  • You are fatigued and even feel physically unwell and think that something is wrong with your health
  • You are unable to relax and feel calm or settled
  • Your mind is either racing, or a complete blank
  • You are irritable, tense and “on edge”
  • You experience a dry mouth, headaches, sweating or shaking
  • You worry excessively and imagine negative outcomes
  • You have compulsive behaviors that you use in the hope of reducing negative events or feelings of anxiety

Occasional anxiety, while uncomfortable, is a natural and useful part of life.
It is your mind’s way of alerting you to potential risks and giving your body the extra energy charge it may require to assess the situation and stay safe. When the alert switch stays on when it is not needed, and when it frequently escalates to a panicked feeling, anxiety becomes problematic.

Sensitive, compassionate and Evidence-Based Anxiety Treatment

At The Bay you can expect sensitive and compassionate, therapeutic, individualised care, offered by experienced professionals. We employ current, evidence-based practice in all of our therapeutic programs. Our teams approach is in line with best practice treatments for anxiety-related disorders and include cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), psychotherapy, behavioural therapies, and humanistic therapies.

Your holistic program will also include integrative modalities such as yoga, tai chi and Qi Gong meditation, naturopathy and acupuncture, working with your whole self, in the overall recovery process

Anxiety Treatment and After-Care Program that grows with you

The Bay clinical team knows that anxiety treatment is a slow process and can involve multiple modalities. Your personalised treatment program grows with you, ensuring that your comfort and wellbeing are of utmost importance. We will help you to find the keys to unlock your anxiety triggers and set you on the path to create a life that can be rich and satisfying.

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