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Evidence-Based Therapeutic Methods & Outcomes

Evidence-Based Best Practice means the integration of the best available research, with clinical expertise in the context of patient needs, preferences and values, and we do not compromise on this. This principle guides the process of initial assessment, formulation of your personalised treatment plan and therapeutic relationships and intervention.

In line with our commitment to treatments with proven, successful outcomes, The Bay Method™ uses evidence-based psychological practices to address the root causes of your behaviour. These include approaches such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Trauma Informed Therapy.

These therapies are complemented with mindfulness and meditation techniques to develop the ability to “be present” in the moment regardless of what is happening. Mindfulness and attentiveness to one’s internal experience can cultivate inner connection and lead to meaningful relationships and positive change. Both yoga and meditation are proven to be powerful healing modalities with tangible results for long-term recovery.

Finding self-awareness, understanding, compassion and, eventually, self-acceptance, provides the foundation for healthier supportive habits to replace harmful behaviours. Through the pillars of awareness, meditation, and connection, emerges an enquiry into the deeper parts of ourselves. We learn to acknowledge and embrace the parts of our personality once avoided.


“I have attended other programs and felt overlooked due to the needs of the more complex clients that were in the program. At The Bay I was the focus of the team and gained a far greater understanding of my situation and was able to make the changes required to live the life I desperately wanted.”

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Wellness Guided by Knowledge

The Bay Method™ has been developed by a team of specialists in the field of addiction, mental health, and wellbeing. Their experience culminates in a generation of expertise grounded in patient-focussed treatment developed across all sectors of healthcare, from public and private hospitals, private treatment centres to private practice and international deployments with humanitarian agencies.

The Bay team is comprehensive, including psychiatrists, doctors, clinical psychologists, and complementary healthcare providers from personal trainers to bodywork therapists, who are all leaders in their chosen field of healthcare.

The integrated, holistic nature of The Bay Method™ and its team allows us to approach your unique presentation from a biological, psychological and social model of care. This differs starkly from being expected to participate in a generic program designed for a group, that you will find in a private hospital or private treatment centre.
The Bay Method™ In Practice

Individual therapy is the foundation of the The Bay program and all therapies are conducted on a 1:1 basis. Depending upon individual needs, most of our guests receive up to 20 hours of individual therapy each week with clinicians ranging from psychologists through to exercise physiologists, psychiatrists, and massage therapists.

When not in therapy you will be in the company of our experienced Clinical Care Support Team. Our team of carers have all worked in private healthcare settings, possess qualifications in the treatment of addiction and mental health, and have first-hand experience working with individuals experiencing the challenges of addiction and mental health.

A personal carer (or nurse during detox) provides 24hour support – attending to daily needs and maintaining the delicate balance of company and spaciousness – while a personal chef is on-hand to provide delicious, organic meals.

Although developed to treat your unique needs, your treatment plan is dynamic and ever-changing as you progress through the program. As each new challenge is discussed and overcome, your plan is adjusted to meet the next phase of your care.


We care about the people you care about

The Bay Method ™ places an emphasis on educating family and loved ones. With this in mind and, where appropriate, family and loved ones are invited to attend our Family Support Program.

This education program assists families to better understand their loved one’s condition and what is required to continue to maintain wellness and recovery long-term. Our team of psychologists educate your loved ones on all aspects of recovery, addiction and mental health conditions. They also teach them how to use boundaries – both emotional and financial – in relationships, how to understand needs in the relationship with a loved one, what is meant by enabling and how to avoid it, and what to expect from a loved one on their return home.

Call our clinical team on 1300 360 995 for more information on The Bay Method ™ and how it is changing the lives of our guests and their families.

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