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The Bay was the brainchild of David Godden, a registered psychologist and specialist in the field of addiction treatment and mental health. Since 2008, David has worked in a number of health settings both private and public.

In collaboration with The Bay team, David has developed and refined a program that offers individuals the very best personalised treatment available in Australia, focussing on research and innovation, and culminating in successful outcomes.

Driven by a passion for patient-focussed care and a genuine care for people both staff and guests, he has been able to develop The Bay into a leader in the wellness, rehabilitation and mental health sector.

David credits the success of The Bay to a set of very simple beliefs. That is, find the most talented people in their field who possess a passion for their work and empower them to do great work while staying in close touch to help them solve problems. From there, great things will happen.

He also believes that providing positive feedback and encouragement to our guests, and be a sounding board without judgement, backed up by specialist training and in-field experience, is the secret to providing the best personalised treatment Australia has to offer.

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