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The Bay was created to showcase how a truly Integrated Multi-disciplinary approach to healthcare can be achieved. When you choose The Bay for rehabilitation or mental health treatment, you will be the focus of a multidisciplinary team of doctors, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and a range of specialists in their chosen field.

The integrated nature of The Bay allows our team to approach your unique presentation from a bio-psycho-social model of care. This means our team of specialists consider the biological, psychological and social components contributing to your current situation in the development of your treatment plan, rather than being expected to participate in a generic program designed for a group, that you will find in a private hospital or private treatment centre.

Learn more about each of The Bay team members below…

Tara Fitzgibbon



Tara has been teaching yoga and meditation for over 20 years and training yoga teachers for 10 years around the world.  Having taught classes of up to 60 students her favourite way to teach is in a one-on-one setting. It is the best way to learn the practice of yoga.

Yoga isn’t only about poses. Yoga also has a philosophy, and the first thing students learn is how to apply the practice of Ahimsa a Sanskrit word meaning non- violence. This is where the breath work comes into play. Tara will teach you how to breathe easily and how to breathe well so that you can keep your nervous system in a calmer state on a daily basis.

Tara brings a passion for sharing this with The Bay guests, teaching them to find stability and strength through their practice.

Peter Siefkin



Peter is passionate about a holistic approach to patient care having trained as a Naturopath and Homeopath early in his career. After completing his training in medicine, Peter worked in emergency medicine, before completing his specialist training in Psychiatry.

Peter has worked in a number of settings including public and private hospitals and private clinics. Peter has a very compassionate approach to patient care and specialises in treating a range of mental health conditions including anxiety disorders, depression, substance use and psychotic illness.

Tom Rolley

General Practitioner


Bachelor of Science (BSc), Australian National University 1997
Bachelor of Medicine (MBBS), University of Queensland, 2001
Fellowship of the Royal College of General Practitioners (FRACGP) 2012
Graduate Certificate in Medical Acupuncture, Monash University 2013
He is involved with medical education at

Tom brings a fresh approach to medicine and overall health and wellbeing at The Bay. His diverse approach to treating people has been an innovation for The Bay team and has influenced a change in the team’s approach to client care. Tom not only has an interest in delivering a combination of Eastern and Western medicine he holds qualifications in Medical Acupuncture from Monash University. Tom believes in a whole person approach to treating our guests and works with our clinical and therapeutic teams to create a holistic model of client care. Tom loves his surfing and Qi Gong and has been known to be pretty good on the tennis court. Tom has three children and is a keen supporter of their Byron Soccer, Basketball and Netball teams.

Dunstan Thompson



Dunstan is a general practitioner and is passionate about an integrated approach to medicine. Dunstan has 20 years’ experience working as a GP and has a special interest in addiction medicine, trauma and psychiatry.
Dunstan brings his passion and experience to The Bay clinical team and guides our client’s medical treatment with an emphasis on a holistic approach to client care.

Jennifer Lalor



Jennifer is a registered psychotherapist and is passionate about guiding people to discover and include the intelligence of their body/mind in their treatment and recovery from addiction and mental health conditions.

Jennifer holds a master degree in mental health/psychotherapy from the University of Queensland and has worked in inpatient mental health in NSW. In addition, she has led outpatient group programs for youth and adults challenging addictions related to disordered eating at the University of California San Francisco.

She has been a guest presenter on embodiment and expressive therapies at the University of California, Berkeley; California Institute of Integral Studies; San Francisco State University and the University of California, San Francisco.

Jennifer works within a developmentally informed and trauma aware perspective. That means she brings trained awareness to the different ways past stress and trauma can impact a person’s present life, including their mental and physical health and their ability to sustain healthy relationships. 

Along with being a psychotherapist, Jennifer is a seasoned executive leadership coach.  She completed a post graduate certificate in business leadership from Curtin University and has worked with hundreds of leaders globally from C-Suite to team leads over the past 25 years. She has a keen clinical interest in mental health at work and the prevention and treatment of occupational burnout.

Originally from the US, Jennifer migrated to Australia in 2002. Formally a professional dancer, she is the mother of two and enjoys bush walking, organic gardening, the arts, sailing (8,000 sea miles completed), and supporting her children to grow into their true selves. 

David Godden



David is a registered psychologist and is passionate about the treatment of addiction, trauma and mental health conditions. He has worked in a number of settings including public and private rehabilitation centres and hospitals. In 2011 David Founded The Australian Addiction and Trauma Treatment Centre and in 2015 co-founded Byron Private Treatment Centre.

Recently David took over as Clinical Director at The Bay and brings his wealth of experience in drug and alcohol and mental health treatment to The Bay, with a focus on a holistic, collaborative approach to client care.

Karin McLennan



Karin is a registered trauma-informed psychotherapist who is passionate about supporting people to navigate life’s challenges and heal in the pursuit of recovery. She has a compassionate and approachable demeanour, and is committed to providing the highest standard of care and support to clients.

She is particularly interested in the field of trauma having worked for the United Nations in emergency and humanitarian operations for 20 years. During this time, Karin provided psychosocial support to refugees and internally displaced persons and was witness to enormous global trauma while experiencing her own. Karin appreciates just how challenging it can be to recover from deeply impactful events, and that it is possible to heal your life. Karin is committed to supporting people to recover from mental health conditions such as trauma, anxiety, stress, depression and addiction, so they too can welcome happiness back into their world.

Karin runs a growing private practice in the northern rivers region, and provides coaching counselling, and process-orientated psychotherapy. She uses therapeutic modalities such as Havening and Emotional Freedom Techniques to assist in deregulating over-activated nervous systems, and somatic mind-body techniques to help relieve symptoms of trauma.
She will soon complete post-graduate qualifications in Psychology.
In her spare time, you will find Karin at the beach or on her yoga mat.

Laura Hollings nurse at The Bay

Laura Hollings



Laura joined the team at The Bay last year after working as a psychiatric nurse for over 8 years. Laura spent these years working in public and private Mental health settings, providing support in Drug and Alcohol and Acute Psychiatric care. Laura worked in a range of hospitals in Sydney before relocating to the northern rivers two years ago and has a wealth of experience caring for a diverse range of individuals. Laura believes in a holistic, person-centred approach, catering to the individual needs of each client to enhance their experience and support their growth within the program.

Tania clinical support at The Bay

Tania Djipalo



Tania holds a Master’s Degree in Gestalt Psychotherapy, and is passionate about supporting people to overcome addiction, trauma, complex relational issues and supporting individuals to discover the whole version of themselves. She has worked in addiction and trauma treatment for over 10 years and for 7 years has enjoyed a busy private practice in the Northern Rivers. Tania brings an enthusiasm, wholeheartedness, warmth, and care to her work at The Bay guiding clients to happiness and long-term recovery.

She has lived in the Byron Shire with her partner and two children for 15 years, and contributes to her community as a healthy adult and role model, inspiring others to live life with freedom and choice.

Anna Op de Coul



Anna is one of The Bays registered nurses, with over 30 years’ experience working in Australia and abroad.  Anna has worked in a broad range of settings including acute care, community mental health and general practice.  Anna has also worked as a massage therapist and has an interest in alternative and natural therapies, with a holistic approach to healing.

Having moved with her family from Victoria to the Byron Shire in 2010, Anna has embraced the community lifestyle and regularly involves herself in local volunteer work.

Anna has a strong interest in mental health and has worked in many different settings, including drug and alcohol addiction and mental health.  She has worked at The Bay for over seven years and is passionate about supporting clients during their healing journey, from the beginning of their admission through to discharge.

Tiffany Jackson



It is Tiffany’s intention to educate and empower individuals on the importance of meditation in todays world.  To work with them on getting “out of their head and into their spirit” and improve their personal wellbeing.

Tiffany spent over 15 years working in the corporate world at Australia’s largest publishing house across the top magazines in the country.  She knows what it takes to manage a sales team, report to a publisher, meet and exceed clients expectations, to be creative and innovative, to deliver a budget of over 30 million and try and maintain a healthy wellbeing.

She no longer sells advertising but is an advocate for wellbeing, for teaching people to adapt a regular meditation practice to create a more mindful outlook on life.

She has been practising different forms of meditation and stress release for over 20 years grabbing anything that would give her just a moment of clarity. Clearings, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy, Chiropractic, Bowen therapy, massage, kinesiology, various yoga and meditation practices, she has tried it all.  Some gave her immediate relief, some were…  well just an experience!

It would be true to say that not all meditations are created equal, and there are many forms of different types of meditation, all have benefits but not all get the same results.  (let me tell you I have tried and failed at many!)

The effectiveness of the style I teach is I teach the individual to not only experience a very deep meditation but their own practice so they can meditate anytime anywhere.

Tiffany has worked with individuals and corporate groups from ages 8 – 78.  Professionals, authors, business owners, personalities including the gorgeous Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale; basically anyone that wants a higher grade of living and to deal with the chaotic world of life but in a calm, efficient and productive way.

Tiffany is a trained Vedic Meditation teacher and certified Yin Yoga teacher.

Tiffany wants each individual to be the best person they can be and provide them with life long tools to achieve that.

Samantha Welch



Samantha brings years of experience to her role as clinical support at The Bay. With over 35 years as a professional massage practitioner, working in day spas, luxury accommodations and private practice, Samantha’s holistic attitude is a wonderful contribution to the creation of a successful recovery and healing for our clients.

With qualifications in Counseling, Sports Nutrition, Remedial Massage and training as a Fitness Leader, Samantha’s understanding of the human mind and body helps to guide and support clients to switch off their internal chatter and create the space to tune into their own bodies to help them heal.

Samantha’s warm caring presence, compassion, and love for people, has benefited many clients. She is a companion on the healing journey, massaging, walking, talking, cooking and sharing meals with clients, all the time being non judgemental and allowing privacy for the client.

Bringing her creative background in the arts of sculpture, painting and photography, and healthy passions of ocean swimming, yoga and meditation, Samantha contributes ideas and inspiration that add value to the client and their recovery.

Peter Morgan



Peter is a highly regarded Strength and Fitness coach based in Byron Bay. He has been training groups and individuals for over 20years using many different modalities. Peter has worked in a number of private rehabilitation centres in the Byron Bay area for the past 17 years, and has a private client base with many long term clients.

Peter treats each client and group participant as an individual providing progressions or regressions depending on the clients needs and goals. Peter is trained in kettle bells, ViPR, boxing, kickboxing, Olympic lifting, strength and conditioning, mobility and loves training outdoors whenever possible. He has a passion for guiding people to change and to realise their true potential either in fitness or recovery.

Lydia Thompson



Lydia holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) from the University of Sydney and a Graduate Diploma in Management from UTS. She has a background in planning and research and is dedicated to providing the highest level of administrative support to The Bay’s team.

Her goal is to ensure that each and every client’s stay with The Bay goes as smoothly as possible, is organised with the greatest attention to detail and structured with the client’s unique needs and preferences foremost in mind. Lydia is passionate about mental health and wellness, providing impeccable service and being able to support our clients on their journey to healing and health.

Hannah Massey



Hannah has over 15 years’ experience as a massage therapist. She has trained in a range of techniques including remedial therapies, shiatsu, thai massage, kahuna, tui na, myotherapy and reflexology. In addition to her own private clientele, Hannah has worked at some of the most respected wellness centres and private retreats on the far north coast, including Kiva Spa, Byron Bay Detox Retreats and The Bay.

Hannah’s massage intends to bring a peacefulness to the body that will in turn create peace in the mind and spirit. Each treatment is structured to address an individual’s unique constitution and current needs, meeting a client where they are at physically and emotionally. Her massage is nurturing and can be either deep or gentle, invoking a sense of relaxation and cleansing of the body and mind.

Grace Hawkins



Grace Hawkins has a Bachelor of Health Science and Complementary Medicine through Charles Sturt University BHSc(ComplMed), and an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, Nutrition and Western Herbal Medicine through S.A.F.E. Academy Adv.Dip(Nat). She holds a Certificate four in Small Business Management, a Certificate four in Training and Assessment and is currently involved in Naturopathic and Nutritional consultations and preventative health education at Mullumbimby Comprehensive Medical Centre and Byron Bay Detox retreats.

She has previously consulted for one of Australia’s leading Health Retreats Gaia Retreat and Spa for many years and Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat and Edan Health Retreat. Grace has experience working with a diverse range of health ailments and a large cross-section of the population including age groups ranging from young children to the elderly.

She specialises in naturopathic principles and nutritional imbalances as well as fatigue and adrenal recovery, anxiety and stress management, gut health and digestive disorders, hormone regulation and mood disorders, mental health and urinary pyrrole support, women’s health including pre and post pregnancy support, detox and cleansing and weight management. Grace has also delivered presentations on health and wellness to groups to organisations such as Gaia Retreat and Spa and The Spirit Festival.

Raphael Benn

Clinical Support


Raphael has worked in private and public health care settings for over 2 decades. Initially training as an enrolled nurse working in aged care, acute care and mental health, he has also been a support worker in a number of different environments.

Having completed a diploma of Community services, focusing on youth who have experienced trauma, a therapeutic approach has been essential. Alongside this a background as a remedial massage therapist has provided an opportunity to assist many clients to reach their long-term recovery goals.

Originally from Melbourne, Raphael has lived in the Byron Shire for 10 years and first joined the Bay as a Massage therapist and then as clinical support staff.

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