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Driven by innovation and therapeutic excellence for 15 years in the treatment of alcohol, substance use and mental health conditions, The Bay in Byron Bay is a sought-after destination for those seeking a personalised treatment program and successful long-term recovery. The Bay specialises in personalised healthcare and an individual approach to your treatment.

Our team are leaders in the areas of depression treatment and alcohol and drug addiction and offer global clients the very best in personalised healthcare, delivered in the comfort of a private residence in the beautiful Byron Bay hinterland and beachfront locations. Speak with our concierge at [email protected] or call our Executive Director on 0437-966-457.

We prioritise well-being, providing every guest with the results they deserve, from first contact through to after your treatment concludes and you return home, we continue to work with you long after your program with us ends.

“Having a psychology background, I was very particular about what I was looking for. I didn’t want group therapy because I was at a point where I knew I needed individual therapy, for me it was a very private process, I needed somewhere that was private and peaceful. It has been five months since I left The Bay. It has changed my life.” Katherine New Zealand

The Bay is a genuine alternative to private hospitals, allowing our guests to recover in complete comfort while receiving personally tailored treatment plans that prioritise their needs and their privacy.

Our clinical team also believes in engaging our clients in environmental and creative activities that assist in the recovery process, be it horse riding, art, hot air ballooning or reigniting a creative pursuit that has been lost, The Bay team believe in the healing powers of the environment. If you or a loved one is needing support with post-operative care, assistance with prescription medication, depression, anxiety, or working through the challenges of alcohol and substance use.


When considering your treatment options for yourself or a loved one, a critical component to consider is aftercare, or how much contact and support is offered post treatment. When it comes to best practice evidence-based treatment, aftercare is a component of treatment not an addition to the treatment process. Aftercare is critical in the process of returning home and following treatment as this is the most critical time of exposure to old patterns and triggers for old behaviour.

The Bay team will stay with you on the completion of your program for up to 12 months if you choose to have us involved on your return home. This means our clinical team will continue to offer therapy and support and work with family members to help them understand the best way to offer support and set boundaries and not get stuck in in old patterns of enabling their loved one.

The result of comprehensive aftercare is a long-term personalised program offering the best possible outcomes for our guests and their loved ones.
If you would like more information about The Bay aftercare program please contact our Executive Director on 0437-966-457.


On completion of your program at The Bay you will have access to our full clinical and therapeutic team through the use of our Tele-medicine Software and The Bay Online Portal. Tele-medicine allows our guests to stay in close contact with the treating team and cover all areas of health such as ongoing assessment, monitoring, treatment, and prescription delivery if required.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring takes the ongoing aftercare for our guests and service delivery to new levels with The Bay clinicians able to obtain real-time readings on blood-pressure, glucose, heart rate, temperature, and weight. Once you agree to participate in remote patient monitoring The Bay team can gather readings during pre-planned telemedicine sessions. Note: this product is usually available to guests who have participated in The Bay program for weight loss and overall wellbeing.

An Alternative to Hospital

Many people who come to The Bay program have been in a group environment previously and have chosen not to return to that environment for a variety of reasons. Whether it be private treatment centres or private hospitals, our guests felt that their needs were regularly compromised because of the competing needs of a high number of clients in a group environment.

Other reasons people choose not to attend a private facility or hospital vary from being unable to sleep, having to attend group sessions, or being in a group with individuals experiencing complex mental health conditions, and finding these individuals deplete the resources of the facility and the staff.


The Bay team considers an alcohol or drug dependence an attempt to adapt and survive in the face of challenging life events. Fortunately, our experience at The Bay has been that substance dependencies are not necessarily embedded for life; the same creativity and adaptive behaviour that helped you survive can also adapt to help you change.

By taking part in our holistic approach to evidence-based Western psychology, alongside Eastern mindfulness techniques, you can start to develop a clearer understanding of your reasons for adopting coping strategies that are no longer practical in your life. The focus on an awareness of self, along with The Bay’s holistic ‘whole person’ approach, leads you to a healthier mindset and more sustainable long-term recovery.

The Bay’s Personalized Program’s Include

  • Alcohol Addiction Treatment
  • Depression Treatment
  • Anxiety Treatment
  • Prescription Medication & Opioid Treatment
  • Post Operative Care
  • Personalised Wellness Programs


The Bay approach to healing, rehabilitation, and recovery is built on the pillars of therapeutic excellence, innovation, awareness, and connection. Putting these four elements into practice, our clients are gently guided towards recovery.

Your program design begins prior to your arrival when our clinical team gather as much information about your unique situation both present and past. With your consent we speak to your GP, psychiatrist and other health professionals that have been involved with your health to source as much information about your ongoing health concerns and determine what has been beneficial, and what has not, our team then focus on what has been beneficial and develop a personal program designed to achieve the best possible outcome.

If you choose not to let your GP or other health professionals know that you are entering The Bay, our medical team will request bloods and other relevant tests on arrival and our psychologist’s will create a complete history of your internal struggles starting at childhood. This process allows our medical and therapeutic teams to create a full picture of your health needs.

The result is a fully personalised treatment package that considers the whole person and your ongoing well-being. This treatment model is one of a kind in Australia and offers our guests the best chance at living your best life.

Our approach sees destructive patterns of thought and behaviour, depression and alcohol dependencies, as an individual’s unhealthy yet creative adaptation for survival in the face of life’s experiences. The Bay team will help you to see that these destructive behaviours are not necessary, that you can be the best version of yourself without the chaos and negative self-talk.


Yes of course, at The Bay our guests have an expectation of their own bedroom, and we regularly provide our guests with their own private residence. You will never be asked to participate in a group, nor will you be asked to share your personal details with anyone but your therapist. If you require your own residence for privacy needs we offer both hinterland and beachfront properties on request.

Speak with our team at [email protected] or call our Executive Director on 0437-966-457 and ask how we can meet your unique needs.

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