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The Bay has an emphasis on educating the family and loved ones. With this in mind, (where appropriate), family and loved ones are invited to attend our Family Support Program. The Bay’s psychologists will educate you on all aspects of recovery, addiction and mental health conditions. This education program assists families to better understand their loved one’s condition and what is required to continue to maintain wellness and recovery long term.


Maintain wellness & recovery long term

The Bay’s clinical team believe that without providing families with insight into their loved ones’ condition and treatment, there is little opportunity to support them on their departure from The Bay. Our team of psychologists will teach you how to use boundaries in your relationships, both emotional and financial, how to understand your needs in the relationship with your loved one, what is meant by enabling, how to avoid it, and what to expect from your loved one on their return home.


The Bay Weekend Program

The weekend program is not required but encouraged by our team. You will have the opportunity to ask all the questions you need and the option to have a family therapy session with our family therapist. While you are visiting The Bay our chef will prepare lunch from the best organic produce our region has to offer.

If you would like information about our Family Support Program visit [email protected] or call our Executive Director David Godden on 0437-966-457.

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