A typical day at The Bay

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As a guest of The Bay, you can expect your days to be well-balanced with rest and therapy. In the early morning you will have the choice of being transported to one of Byron’s beautiful beaches to enjoy the sunrise, a walk, or a swim. Alternatively, you may choose a visit to the gym with our personal trainer. At both locations our personal trainer will be available if you would like a tailored exercise session.

On your return to your private residence, you will have time to enjoy an organic breakfast and prepare for the day. Depending upon your program, you will participate in a range of therapeutic activities including individual therapy, equine therapy, Acupuncture, Qi Gong, yoga and meditation, art therapy and a range of well-being activities.

A delicious, organic lunch will be prepared by your chef, and you will have time to yourself after lunch before finishing the day at around 4.00pm (program dependant).
The evenings are your time to watch a movie, journal, contact family and friends or attend one of our evening activities such as one of the many meditation groups held around Byron Bay.

On the recommendation of your treatment team, you may also wish to experience one of the many Byron Bay restaurants serving seasonal and local produce with one of our experienced team members.

WHAT A TYPICAL DAY AT THE BAY LOOKS LIKE: Daily routine varies each day

Example daily routine

7am – Beach walk and exercise
8am – Breakfast
9am – Meet with your therapist to discuss progress
12pm – Wim Hof Training/yoga or meditation/massage
1pm – Lunch
2pm – Psychotherapy
5pm – Relax
6pm – Dinner
8pm – Reading/Journaling/Private Time
9.30pm – Bed

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What else to expect…

Weekends at The Bay

Weekends at The Bay are for relaxing and integrating the work you have done during the week. One of our team will accompany you to explore some of the region’s natural and cultural activities, such as bush walking, horse riding on the beach, music, art or theatre events, movies, or a visit to one of the region’s colourful local markets and galleries.

We provide a car and driver for recreational activities and allow a flexible itinerary should you have work or family commitments.

Remote healthcare & telemedicine

On completion of your program at The Bay you will have access to our full clinical and therapeutic team through the use of our Telemedicine Software and The Bay Online Portal. Telemedicine allows our guests to stay in close contact with the treating team and cover all areas of health such as ongoing assessment, monitoring, treatment and prescription delivery all done from remote locations.

Remote patient monitoring

Remote patient monitoring takes the ongoing aftercare for our guests and service delivery to new levels with The Bay clinicians able to obtain real-time readings on blood-pressure, glucose, heart rate, temperature and weight. Once you agree to participate in remote patient monitoring The Bay team can gather readings during pre-planned telemedicine sessions.

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